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Also Japanese go to this restaurant so I think it is really good (also my experience was always good) For me the stuff was in Kyoto more friendlier or better.. But it was still good experience and I would recommend it. The size of the restaurant is also not small, so for families also good.
Good restaurant, and one of the biggest halal restaurants for Japanese food I think... Good quality and price is fair/normal I liked it
About food my Chinese friend who also eat non halal ramen, said it was really good. Portion is not big but still fair for the price I think. But as other people said the air in the restaurant is not really good And what is really sad is the prayer room. It was the smallest I ever saw in my life. Not like small in the sense of small but okay, but smaller then needed, Out should prefer to pray other place or outside...
Authentic japanese dishes. So good if you want to eat halal Japanese dishes Has washing place plus mescid. So highly recommended if you are in Tokyo.
Super Restaurant. Don't search for other halal restaurant before not went here. The dishes are authentic japanese, so good for trying out. The stuff is super supee friendly. The mescid is in an exterior building directly in front of the restaurant, it has everything what one needs of course also toilets and washing places. It is really big. And have seperated places for woman and man. Soo really highly recommended to come atleast once here while you stay in Kyoto
Pretty good restaurant. It has many different dishes. The menue is still same as seen on photos in the internet. I ate wagyuu and miso rice set. The wagyuu was really good, of course it is more expensive than normal dishes because it is a special sort of steak .. Also the appearance of the food is good that means this is a real restaurant not a fast food place or the like. Also the staff member I got in contact was well informed she knows many details what is halal and which points should be spend attention. Even here is alcohol sold I think it is probably more safe than places who sell only "halal" because many people even moslems do not know many things are uninformed and say halal to his dishes only because the meat is maybe halal... But the rest maybe not... So if you are in Nagoya this place is highly recommended. Because of the food, the highly safeness(she told me some points how much value they spend to halal even the silverware i Read more...
Not able to find it. But after going through street further straight. I found it on the right side. There was also helal symbols... But I did not enter it yet..
It was my first time I ate meal like this. The chief is very very kind. Alone for him it is worth to frequent it again. He can also speak English so if you have questions you can ask him. I bought vegetable version because crab and so on is not for me. First I was a bit suspicious if I would like it but it was good. Of course I need to get used of this smell because it's new for me. I bought with upsize rice but I was not able to finish... It is located in いず1、2F I would recommend it everyone to go atleast one time there if you never eat such kind food. They also provide halal soda drink and dessert both certificated by a certification group which you can proof ..
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