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Love Japan and want to explore more... 😊

Yesterday, I come to this restaurant again.. I try lunch meal regular this time.. (*^。^*)
So yesterday, we had dinner at Red Lobster, in Kamiitabashi which is about 5 mins from the station. Heard about this shop from Halal Navi so I went here to try out their Muslim Friendly Menu and it was so good! Before ordering I reconfirmed with the staff whether they separated the frying oil and they assured me they did! So I ordered their Live Lobster Oven Baked Medium Size, Baked Oysters with Herbs & Crumbs, and also Fried Spicy Fire shrimp. The waiter even brought the lobster before they cook it to ensure the freshness of their seafood and I was so excited to see one huge lobster! (lol. My first time) The lobster was so fresh and tasted so good. My favorite! The fried spicy shrimp was good too, but might be a bit spicy for those who can’t eat spicy food. The baked oyster is my fav too as you can taste the freshness of the oyster even after being baked, and it was so crispy. I really like the atmosphere of the shop and I feel relaxed as I enjo Read more...
Yesterday I went to this yakiniku shop. They use wagyu but their yakiniku style is korean style. They marinade 1st the meat with their special sauce. The price also quite reasonable but you will be satisfied to have wagyu korean style yakiniku at here.
Yesterday, I got chance to go this restaurant. The variety of food is good. They use seafood on their menu. The price also affordable from ï¿¥1000 and above. Many Muslim come here to eat and also their workers also can understand English so will be no problem to order. the service also good. if you like to have some seafood meal in western style, you can try here.
Yesterday I go to this ramen shop. Their ramen is very good and also quite big potion meal for who not really eat in big amount like me. Not like others ramen shop at Japan, this shop you can calmly eat your meal. Their workers also very friendly, and always talk with you. Some of them can speak English, Indonesia Language so you don't have to worry about language. I recommended this place who looking for halal japanese ramen. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)
I got recommended from my friend about this yakiniku shop.. in just go with my others Japanese friends (non Muslim) they also take same course.. (this shop is very strict.. if one of the person at table take Muslim Set others also must take same course) because they really take care the customer if they are Muslim... all the culinary to be use will be change to the specially culinary for Muslim only to be use.. and also use 100% halal wagyu meat.. it was first time I eat Wagyu.. unfortunately not just only satisfied with it.. but totally satisfied with the menu and also the service.. they also explain with detail about their wagyu.. I really surprise.. they use 100% halal meat wagyu.. so I feeling really secure to eat here again..I hope I can bring all my family and my friends to this place one day to let them what I have experienced at this shop..
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