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Grabbed the nori chicken wrap. Gotta say, it was surprisingly good. Also grabbed a Kebabdon whilst they had a stand at Tokyo Game Show (thank God!), which was also tasty and filling. Would recommend. Note, only chicken is Halal according to their menu.
Thought they closed at 7, so got there for 6. Bought some stuff, was given 2 free curry buns (thanks!), asked to sit and eat and was given the okay. Only to be told a couple minutes later they are closed, which made us feel a little awkward, as if we were being asked to leave/kicked out. Wasn't too happy with that, to be honest, especially given the trek made for it. However, the custard bun is nice. Should've bought 2... Curry one is also quite nice. Both have nice dough that I think many will enjoy. I think I would try them again in the future if I visit Tokyo again.
Food was tasty there's a lot of it, too. Portions were generous, definitely. If you aren't too hungry, definitely avoid daily meals and go for the lite lunch. It should be enough. I went with the daily lunch and was stuffed! Be warned the ice cream float. It might turn volcanic on you. It's hilarious, but messy at the same time. Only downside, it seemed like they were understaffed as it took a little time to get attention when needed.
Turns out there are 2 versions of this. One a short walk away from the Hachiko exit and then another further away from the hubbub(called 'New York Building'. Both serve halal, but I went to the Hachiko one mistakenly, only to have a reservation at the other. The staff from the other was kind enough to collect us, even though we could have walked it easily on our own. I got the 4500yen set (only 4k and 4.5 set available at the time). They are similar, but the 4.5k set includes fish but less beef, whilst 4k is more beegf, no fish bento. The food was ultimately satisfying. Flavoursome and nicely presented to us. Wish there was more meat, though for the price. Drinks also have a high ice to actual drink ratio, so be advised. Other than that, there is not anything else that I need to be critical of. This place was empty when I went but that's fine. Nice and peaceful! Finally, one of the staff speaks pretty good English, for those that struggle Read more...
Had doner kebab. Tasted pretty good! Would have expected some sauces, (I didn't ask) but the food is still good. Doesn't look to be any pork on their menu, though alcohol is served (expected). Price is definitely on the high side; over 2000 yen (including tax) for doner plus cola. Chalk it up to halal meat being pricier, I suppose?
Closed on Tuesdays! Just my luck, will have to try again before I leave Japan. Gaaah!
Not bad. Had the Nasi goreng for around 1200yen. Coke was over 400. So not that cheap, but if you're a pretty hungry Muslim then go for it. It shares the same building as a halal Indian place.
It's alright. Meat portion was big for 3 of us, but wouldn't rave about the flavour . Still, it's nice to have something like this be halal.
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