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Mariam Roslan

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Food is love. Food is life.

Muslim friendly restaurant. Near arashiyama bamboo forest. I don’t know either food was really good or I just too hungry at that time. Lol. Forget to try their tempura outside the restaurant. It’s looks good 😋
More spacious than the one in Akihabara. If you order kids meal, you will get token for gacha2. For me 300g of rice is quite heavy and hard to finish 😂 200g should be okay.
We went there last saturday. I really feel so bad about their ramen this time. Look at their ramen. I got no enough chicken slice. Not even half of them compares with the last time i ate you know? Feel really bad about this. You cannot do like this la next time. You make your reputation down by your own mistakes. I know your shop will close just about one hour time. But it is not a good point to serves your ramen like this to your customer. It’s really different from the first time I ate here.
This restaurant located in World Porter Yokohama. I put high expectation for the ramen but end up it just below my expectation 😅.. But Alhamdulillah. At least we have something halal to eat around. 😉 I give 2 over 5.
Lamb kebab was tender and delicious. I love lamb ramen over beef. Their beef meat was quite dry for me. Small space. I give 3/5.
We ordered 2 different type of ramen ; spicy ramen & taru taru style ramen. The spicy one taste like korean samyang ramen. Both are tasty 😋 but this shop located far from tokyo. Probably 3hours by car. Side dishes ; chicken gyoza and chicken karaage. Their chicken karaage was really big and crunchy. I’m not fan of gyoza, so the taste was so so for me 🤙🏻🤙🏻They provide a prayer space too. 👏🏻
Delicious Chinese noodle in town. Really recommend this place for people who love mee soup celop 😄 one big bowl of noodle cost you 880¥ (pakuchi and sliced beef included) but if you want more beef you can add 200¥ to get another 4 slices of beef. And add 120¥ for extra pakuchi. * pakuchi=coriander
Last Thursday we went here for lunch. We ordered chicken katsu with vege curry and chicken katsu with cheese. They have an option for spicy level. We chose level 2 because it’s free. But it’s just nice level to choose. They have level 1 till 10 i guess. Sorry if i’m wrong. Luckily, at that time we met Fahrin Ahmad shooting for new tv show. Jom Jalan Japan. 👍🏼
After a long hiatus I'm back! Haha. This time i want to review this restaurant it's located in ikebukuro. 10 minutes walk from ikebukuro station. This place quite nice. We ordered mutton bryani and dinner set. The dinner set includes nan or rice, salad, curry and drinks. You can choose either nan or rice. We chose nan because we order another mutton bryani. And you also can choose your own curry, there's several curry you can choose, like chicken curry, mutton curry, potato curry, and so on. Their mutton curry was like curry in Malaysia! Not so thick just like another indian curry. Their bryani also nice. Not too spicy. And the most important for me is their bryani is not oily. 👍🏻 . Affordable price. It cost us 2400¥ for mutton bryani and dinner set & one cup of chai. Close at 9.30pm. Last order @ 9pm. 😌
One of the best ramen in town. The set come with roasted chicken.after finished the noodle ( ramen) the waiter teach us to eat rice with leftover soup from ramen. Their roasted chicken was soo good. People who come to this shop need to order one of the ramen set. (Mandatory) haha. Because they have limited space.
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