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Anne HY

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Located at level 1, Yokohama World Porter shopping complex which also conveniently located in the same building that offers prayer room. The ramen here is a bit chewy, not a soft type. The good side it is less than 1k yen, and the plain water is self-served and refillable.
I love the ramen here, do try the shio ramen, it is lightly flavoured and easy to finish one bowl. The ramen is soft and nicely textured. A good treat in a cold weather. It offers a praying space but no wudhu facility of a bathroom available. A set comes with kimchi, salad and a small bowl of rice plus a drink. The fried chicken here is also nice.
A bowl of tendon here is actually quite large for a non big eater. It is very filling with a miso soup and a chawan mushi as side dishes. And also refillable lightly pickled cabbage is a good match for the fried tempura. To sum up, it is worth the price, large portion and good taste.
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