Stanton's City Bites

Texas, 6212, 77007 United States
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Texas, 6212, 77007 United States



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1 person says Halal dishes are available upon request.
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I went to Stanton city bites once again, it's that good! Rmr you have to ask for the burger to be made with halal meat. I tried the "cowboy brunch" burger ( without bacon of course). I enjoyed it, the meat was seasoned nicely and kept its juices, the fried egg is always a plus on burgers in my opinion. The only thing I would change would be the bread. It's made with Texas toast rather than a traditional bun, but it wasn't really my definition of Texas toast. If you're a cheese lover You can't go wrong with the "holy cow " burger ❤️ Casual atmosphere, The artwork and old signs are a nice touch.
Stanton's City Bites. Where you can get a pretty legit Halal burger in Houston. ... Credits to IG @eatingfoodatplaces